Laundry Room


The shared laundry room is in the basement in block B between 47-49. It has 4 washing machines, 2 driers, 2 laundry baskets, and 1 large rolling press

Reserving time:
Please reserve a time using your personal laundry card in the laundry room. All time slots are for two hours. Those two hours include full use of the facilities. Please be respectful of everyone’s reservations and wait until their reservation is over before beginning to use the facilities. If you have reserved a time but will not use it, please be sure the cancel the reservation in order to allow others to use that time slot.

Please contact the home owner’s association regarding any issues with payment.

Wash coin:
A wash coin is ordered when you move in and cost 110 danish kroner. This fee is charged together with the wash usage through the overall fee to the shared expenses.

Normal wash: 10 kr
Dryer- 25 min: 10 kr

General Instructions:

Please bring your own detergent and other things you may need.

Please remove fluff from the drier after use.