Trash and recycling


General guidelines:

In regards to your daily trash please use the trash shoot. All trash has to be packed in the trash bags that you have received – if the trash bag can’t close, you may not use the trash shoot, this is to avoid that the trash shoot gets full – instead use the trash room at the end of the block by nr. 39 for trash. This trash room is not for large items of trash. For that we have a larger room in the basement of blok B (under nr. 47-49) that is emptied regularly, use the same key as for the main door.


Large trash room:

It has for a long time been a problem at that people fill the large trash room with a plethora of things including but not limited to construction waste from the destruction of a kitchen and bath. This means that the large trash room is always messy and it means that we more often have to clear it out and spend extra time and money on doing so.

The large trash room is NOT for construction waste, every day garbage, packaging from kitchen construction, clothes etc. We have therefore decided that as of 14-11-2016, the locks are changed and that in order to gain access to the room, you will need to contact our maintenance worker or a member of the board who can give you a key to the room. The key MUST be returned immediately after end of use!



Recyclables should be deposited in their appropriate bin located at the end of the block by nr. 39. We have bins for the following: Electronics, Hard Plastic, Glass, Metal, Cardboard, and Paper. Please look below for a guide to recyclables.


Chemicals and dangerous trash should be handed over to our maintenance worker.


General guide to recycling:

Detailed guide to recycling: